Five Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign

There’s a lot of buzz about social media, return on investment (ROI), reach and impact.  However, very few companies actually understand the strategy behind a social media campaign. In the world of social media, trend is the most important factor in driving the efforts of your marketing campaign.

Companies with huge marketing budgets usually have dedicated teams for social media, SEO and digital marketing.  Your company may or may not have a dedicated social media team, but you can run a successful social media campaign with these few simple tips..

  1. Get the basics right

Before you start your social media activities, ensure that your social media accounts are live and updated on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media channels. Having a live account means, you have you bios, updated images and design that links all your channels uniformly. Always ensure that the branding and messaging is consistent.

  1. Think of theme based campaigns

Every campaign has a specific set of goals which includes a variety of things ranging from newsletter signups, e-book downloads, to generating leads for business. These goals should be paired with relevant themes that assist in goal conversion. Always start with a theme and create a series of messages that gradually nurture your audience with relevant information. Develop a calendar to maintain deadlines and also track your progress. While your content is one half of the campaign, metrics and measurement are the other half of the campaign.

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5 Social Media Tips for a Global Audience

Expanding digital marketing efforts to a global target group, provides a great opportunity for global marketers and creates a community of customers across the world. However, reaching out to an international audience requires a lot of understanding of culture differences, online behavior and localization.Before you chalk out your digital marketing strategy for your global audience, consider these 5 tips to successfully engage in meaningful conversations with them.

Time zone

Time is the biggest challenge when reaching out to a global audience.  The right time largely depends upon the locations of the audience and the optimum posting time for individual countries or culture.

The first step is to identify where the majority of your audience is based and which time zone they follow. Tools such as Tweriod and Followerwonk will help you to review your analytics to identify the most engaging time for your brand. Then club the most optimal time and post across time zones to gain maximum engagement.

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