How using Automatic Placements can help you reach your KPIs

How using Automatic Placements can help you reach your KPIs

It is proven that you can deliver a completely tailored experience to a relevant audience  by choosing specific ad placements. It is also true, that sometimes, business goals can be achieved effectively by advertising across multiple ad placements. Many advertisers today are limited by their budget and do not have enough time to experiment with the right ad placement for their brand. It gets even more complicated with Facebook offering 9 separate placement options including the new Messenger ads placement.

Targeting automatic placements

Auto placements are designed in a way that advertisers would compete in the most cost-effective ad auctions. It helps in getting the lowest CPC, reaching your audience at times of less competition, and combine the right placement with the right target audience. Facebook uses advanced algorithms to determine which placement type performs the best and is the most effective for your brand and accordingly attempts to serve more ads in those winning bids.


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